May 09, 2015

Georgia politician who campaigned against motorcycle helmets dies in motorcycle crash

A Georgia politician who was well known for his efforts to repeal a state law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets died this week in a motorcycle accident.
Ben Joseph "Joey" Brush Jr. was killed on Thursday morning when a car pulled out in front of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

The driver of the other car, Kimberly Crouch, allegedly stopped at a stop sign and didn’t see the motorcycle when she tried to drive through the intersection. Ms Crouch has been charged in the accident.
Mr Brush served four years in the Georgia House of Representatives and eight years in the state Senate, according to reports. He lost his Senate seat in 2004, though politicians remember him fondly.
“Our state lost a noble Georgian today. Senator Joey Brush was not only a fierce advocate for conservative values in the Georgia legislature but was also a great friend,” Lt. Governor Casey Cagle told the Chronicle. “He will be deeply missed and his legacy will not be forgotten.”
Mr Brush was active in lobbying for motorcyclists while he was in state government. Two of the bills he is most remembered for are the one seeking to repeal the helmet requirement and one that would allow motorcyclists to treat red lights as stop signs if the bike was not heavy enough to activate the sensor to change the light.
He was never able to get enough support for the no-helmet law and helmets still are required in Georgia, but state government passed the law about red lights and the bill is awaiting the governor’s signature.

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