May 26, 2015

Only One Third of School Kids Believe US Should Be a Democracy

Three quarters of American students are not proficient in history, civics, or geography, according to the results of a federal test.
Congress is considering replacing the federal policy known as No Child Left Behind, which many have criticized for too ardently focusing on math and reading at the expense of other subjects.

Students are not being given an adequate education in history, civics, or geography, the subjects that teach them about how the world developed and how it operates.

They are being rushed through school without ever being taught how to be responsible US citizens. More troubling is the fact that they aren’t learning about democracy, rights, or the proper roles of government.
Only a quarter of the eighth grade students tested received proficient scores. 11% believe the American public supports only one political party, and 6% believe the country has or favors a national religion.
This is very dire news. As the world is growing more and more complex, young adults are graduating with less and less grasp of how the world around them functions.
“The world is growing more complex,” Michelle Herczog, the president of the National Council for the Social Studies, stated. “Low scores and lack of student growth in these subjects point to a need for immediate action.”
It is certain that this is not a new development, for decades American students have been given little insight into these matters only to be pushed onto voter rolls as soon as they graduate. Is it any wonder we have an uninformed, uneducated electorate?

We are past the point of concern. America’s public education system is severely flawed. Politicians and bureaucratic special interests devise one-size-fits-all policies and burden educators with miles of red tape and regulation.



  1. We have a Bozo in the white house, his replacement if he should die, 99.9% of the house, the entire senate, most likely the entire supreme court, 99.9% of the state politicians, 99.9% of local politicians, and probably 98% of the population that have no idea what type of Govt. we are suppose to be, and think it is a stinking democracy, This thing called democracy has always been and will always be a failure, and our forefathers knew this so that is why after long discussion and research they decided to give the people the best thing next to Christ ruling, and that is a Constitutional Republic. Now any one in office, past present or future that continues to pass legislation, or promote this ugly evil thing called democracy should be removed immediately, tried, convicted and hung or shot for treason. All legislation passed on the premise of our being a democracy should be removed, or overturned, and those that do not learn should be denied the right to vote, as they are so damn stupid and ignorant and or stubborn they will only continue to erode what good is left. A test should be given in order to vote, and if you do not pass with 85% correct no vote for you. If these so called leaders and or educators have no idea what is true, real and or absolute, then what chance do those they are surpassingly educating have? As a matter of fact get rid of the public education system and really turn things around, Fire and take away all pensions from those that have been failing our future for decades.

  2. Lance Everett BrownMay 26, 2015 at 6:27 PM

    Well, they are correct. It should be a Constitutional Republic as intended...
    Oh, I guess you already said that "fatwillie" in so many words!

  3. Short of setting up guillotines in public squares across the country, there's a simple way to reverse the buildup of tyranny- stop paying for it. Effective today, refuse to pay another dime to any bank, corporation, or government entity. They are all faces of the same problem- debt, servitude, and bandage. In other words, vote with your wallet while there's still something in it. Buy from small and family- owned businesses. Abandon the malls and chain stores. Refuse to repay loans from any bank. Avoid, as much as possible, any taxes or fees levied by corrupt government. They need the slaves to feed the machine- just say no.