May 27, 2015

The Benefits of Locally Grown Honey

Honey has long been used as a natural sweetener and was a popular remedy of treating wounds before modern medicine. Now the market is a buzz once more over the super food that is raw honey. Not only does buying locally grown honey help out the economy of your town, but it also has a ton of other incredible uses and benefits.
Raw honey is jam packed with carbohydrates. These have the power to give you that extra kick you need throughout the day without the debilitating crash you get from energy drinks. Honey is also good for you! It is believed that honey also has the power to strengthen your endurance and lessen the pain in sore muscles.
There are many people who will swear by the restorative and beneficial qualities of raw honey. As there is not enough solid research on every claim, take these claims for what you make of them. Even if they don’t have much scientific backing, they may be a placebo and the power of a placebo is often very powerful. Many claim that raw honey can provide a boost in fertility in both men and women, and is especially linked with providing a much higher sperm count in men. Others say that honey is an excellent remedy for the sore throat and relieving nausea better than traditional medicines! Honey has also been used to treat ulcers, lessen pain, help with arthritis, and relieve bladder infections. Check outnatural remedy ideas for even more natural solutions of common ailments!
There are many who recommend that one tablespoon of honey will help cure any pesky allergies. Honey has trace amounts of pollen, and if you buy locally that pollen is the most likely the stuff that is making you sneeze like crazy. Being exposed to these amounts every day just may help you build up a tolerance to the pollen in the air. Hey, it’s worth a shot if those expensive allergy medications are not working for you!
Did you know that honey is a natural antiseptic? That means that is has agents that can help kill bacteria. Applying a small amount of honey to cuts is said to help fight off and kill the spread of infections. It can also help the wound heal quicker, reduce inflammation as it also contains an anti-inflammatory, and lessen swelling. Honey is also said to have an agent in it that can help dull pain, making those scrapes and cuts a little easier to deal with.
Besides the fact that honey is delicious, it is also a great natural sweetener and preservative. Honey, if properly sealed, can stay good to eat for centuries. There have been pots of honey found that are hundreds of years old and are still perfectly edible. Using honey in substitute for sugar or other artificial sweeteners is a great way to get that sweet taste you love without being unhealthy. Have some fun and experiment with the many delectable dishes you can make with honey. Put it in teas, drizzle it over pancakes, or try something even more daring!

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