May 24, 2015

The Shocking Number of Voters Who Don’t Trust the Media

Only hard-core Democrats and enamored followers of The Daily Show think the national press is reporting the truth to the American people.  For the rest of us, we have been slowly and consistently turning off the nightly news for decades.
Study after study has show media bias – with the vast majority of reporters and media types either registered Democrats, or former employees of Democrats in Washington.
Now, a new poll is out that tells just how bad the media’s credibility really is with the American people.  CNS News reports:
Sixty-one percent of Likely Voters in the United States say they do not trust the political news they are getting, according to a recent national Rasmussen survey.

In addition, 59 percent said coverage of the 2016 presidential race will be slanted, and 46 percent said ABC’s George Stephanopoulos should be banned from any presidential campaign coverage because of the donations he made to the Clinton Foundation.
The survey asked likely voters five questions ranging from whether they trusted the news they were getting to their opinions on whether reporters would try to help or hurt certain candidates.
The 61 percent of likely voters who do not trust the political news they receive is a 16-point increase from the last survey taken in October, when 45 percent of likely voters said the same thing.
According to Rasmussen, 21 percent of likely voters say they still have confidence in the political coverage they get while 17 percent say they aren’t sure. The 21 percent who said they have confidence is down 12 points from the last time the survey was taken, when 33 percent said they were confident.
Given the latest revelations about George Stephanopoulos’ financial contributions and direct involvement with the Clintons, these numbers aren’t all that surprising.  More and more people are realizing the truth about the press, or as Rush Limbaugh likes to call them – “the Left’s Stenographers.”
CNS News reveals more:
Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters think media bias is a bigger problem in politics today than big campaign contributions, but nearly as many (44%) see campaign cash as the larger problem,” states Rasmussen. “Majorities of voters across most demographic groups do not trust the political news they are getting.”
Not only do many voters think that media bias is a problem, but 37 percent of Americans believe that the average media reporter is more liberal than they are.
“Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Americans believe the average media reporter is more liberal than they are,” states Rasmussen. “Eighteen percent (18%) consider that reporter more conservative.”
This does not bode well for the Democrats and the press ahead of the 2016 Presidential election.  If the majority of the people are now seeing through the liberal media spin, they may be hard-pressed to become “king-makers” again much as they have been in the past two elections.
CNS News goes on:
“When it comes to the 2016 presidential campaign, only 23% believe most reporters will try to offer unbiased coverage,” states the report. “Fifty-nine percent (59%) think that coverage will be slanted instead, with 36% who say most reporters will try to help Hillary Clinton during the campaign and 23% who say they will try to hurt her bid for the White House instead. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.”

“Forty-two percent (42%) of voters who don’t trust the political news they are getting think most reporters will try to help Clinton; just 14% believe the media’s coverage of the 2016 race will be unbiased,” states the survey. “Among those who do trust political news coverage, 38% say most reporters will try to stay neutral, but nearly as many (35%) think they will try to help the Democratic frontrunner.”


  1. Dropped cable TV ten years ago. While getting my car serviced recently I watched a bit of History Channel on the customer lounge TV. Report on the Sun possibly dying. What if large asteroid hits earth. Ancient Aliens/UFOs. I mean really does anyone watch this garbage???

  2. Vlad TheSkewererMay 24, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    I don't watch the MS news, I monitor the MSM propaganda.

  3. I got rid of my TV set in 2006.. None of it was interesting and it was gathering dust...

  4. I don't like having anything to do with the MSM because they always want me holding my ankles or on my knees. Have you heard about the new yoga position where you go on your hands and knees and elevate your butt as high as you can; it's called "The American". Be aware that TPTB control 90+% of the so called "Alternative Media". The best place I get info from is RMN (Rumor Mill News).

  5. Ha, that's to get people used to getting the business easier.

  6. I get my news from the bloggers and foreign news feeds over the internet but also have a FTA satellite dish so I can get direct foreign feeds. Press TV, RT, RI and others. When 20 foreign sites cover "X" a certain way and ALL US media either ignores it, or covers it a totally different way it's pretty easy to see who the liar is. Foreign press also actually hire journalists instead of PR talking heads. When you compare the two, the difference is striking. It's got to be a good 10 years since I've had cable and watched any US MSM..

  7. I've noticed the History Channel is all Holohoax related. I don't watch any of that crap, but I've noticed it on other people's sets.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on FTA 'free-to-air' satellite TV.

  9. "Only hard-core Democrats and enamored followers of The Daily Show think the national press is reporting the truth to the American people. For the rest of us, we have been slowly and consistently turning off the nightly news for decades."

    Huh? The Daily Show makes it's focus the outrageous gibberish emanating from MSM sources, from CNN to Fox news.

    Still trying to use the old "divide and conquer" tactic, eh Orraz?

    Won't work, anyone sane knows "Hard Core Republicans" are GLUED to the LIES of Fox News. As is the author: "More and more people are realizing the truth about the press, or as Rush Limbaugh likes to call them – “the Left’s Stenographers.”

    "As Rush Limbaugh likes to call them...." Rush Limbaugh, the paid whore of Corporate America, to the tune of over $25 million/year..."unbiased" eh?" Him pointing his finger at the midget George Stef. is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    See how easy that is, folks? I just define "Hard Core Republicans" any old way I choose, without any proof offered, as did the author of this article define "Hard Core Democrats." Who he is actually talking about is Democratic PARTY operatives. Reporters.

    Not the voters, not the typical person one thinks of when they read the headline of article.

    Except anyone who has watched The daily Show knows they hardly are defenders of MSM news sources...not ever.

  10. Yup, good catch.

    So is Discovery Channel. In fact, I can prove both propagate false history upon the masses.

  11. How do you watch videos? I bought a nice big flat screen last year, no cable, no antennae, never watch it except to watch old movies and sports I download off the internet.

  12. I have a wall projector for movies and videos