June 30, 2015

CNN Says It’s Not ‘LEGAL’ For Justice Scalia To Talk About Gay People Like He Used To

Justice Antonin Scalia, along with three others, did not vote in favor of legalizing gay marriage nationwide. So naturally, liberal news media went on attack mode.
Scalia has gotten much criticism over the years, as liberals have hated on him for his outright conservative stances on gay marriage and other topics.
During CNN’s live coverage of the Supreme Court ruling mandating the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage, CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin repeatedly dissed Scalia and at one point said that it wasn’t legal “to talk about gay people the way Justice Scalia used to talk about gay people.”
Newsbusters reports:
About 10:30 a.m., after quoting from a dissent written by Justice Scalia in the Lawrence V. Texas case from 2003, Toobin declared:
I mean, really, just outward bigotry against gay people. Now, today Justice Scalia begins his dissenting opinion by saying this issue is of no particular importance to me, and the only real issue here is the democratic process, who makes the decisions. Should it be the courts? Or should it be the people?
The CNN legal analyst then added:
Even Justice Scalia, who is the biggest social conservative on the court, he cannot talk the way he used to talk about gay people because culturally, politically, even legally, it’s simply not appropriate, and even legal in many, in ways to talk about gay people the way Justice Scalia used to talk about gay people.

Hmm… not ‘legal’ to voice an opinion about gay people. I guess “freedom of speech” isn’t a thing anymore? I am pretty sure legalizing gay marriage didn’t illegalize voicing your opinion on gay marriage.
The left must be confused. But we all know that’s nothing new for them.

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