June 11, 2015

Company Making Millions on “White Privilege” Training in Schools

 We know that liberals always cry, “Blame Bush” whenever any of their goofy programs and policies fail.  Barack Obama, it seems isn’t responsible for any failures as President.  And, the main stream press dutifully repeats the mantra Ad nauseam.
We also know that contrary to media predictions, the Obama Presidency has not lessened racial tensions in America, only exacerbated them. Part of this blame falls with Obama himself.  He has played the “race card” multiple times to avoid responsibility for many of his failing socialist policies.
The “race industry” has flourished as a result.  The Middle Ground News describes one such company that is raking in millions of taxpayer dollars by pushing “white privilege” dogma:
Tulsa Public Schools is listed as a client school district for the controversial race-based education advocacy firm, Pacific Educational Group of San Francisco. PEG trains educational organizations from the perspective that systemic racism and white privilege is the primary contributor to a lack of academic success by black students. of Muskegon, Mich. reported Tuesday, June 2 that the St. Paul School district has spent over $3 million over the past five years implementing PEG’s programming. PEG teaches that the American education system is built upon white culture, excluding black students. They further claim that black students will only succeed academically if school curricula are altered to meet the cultural specifications PEG advocates.
So, here we have an “education” company teaching schools that it is all their fault if minority students don’t do well.  It is the fault of a “racist” educational system that denies minorities a chance at success.
OK, so a radical race-advocacy group has managed to get contracts with multiple school districts, raking in millions of dollars of taxpayer money to teach teachers that their teaching methods are all wrong.
Never mind personal and parental accountability – it’s the “all minorities are victims” mantra packaged for teachers to accept.
The results are less than stellar, however, as The Middle Ground News reports:
Teachers in the district have complained that the changes implemented as a result of hiring PEG have created a culture of chaos within the schools. Some of the teachers even claiming they have been threatened with disciplinary measures for speaking out against the changes., a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, outlined some of those changes in an editorial on June 2 by Mark Tapson, Editor-in-Chief, with the subheading, “Students are out of control because there are no real consequences for their actions.” That report can be found here.
The June 2 report, “Teachers complain, chaos reigns as St. Paul schools spend millions on ‘white privilege’ training,” by Steve Gunn of can be found here.
Aaron Benner, a 4th grade teacher in St. Paul Schools, appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday to describe his experiences within the school district. Benner claims district administrators are trying to fire him in retaliation for his criticism of the training.
Chaos, threats against protesting teachers, and no discipline – it sounds like anarchy is the ultimate goal of this program.  Maybe this is an arm of the paid Ferguson protestors.
Actually, this sounds like the Arne Duncan, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama strategy to “fundamentally transform” public education.
The real losers here will be the students who are being led to believe this tripe and will grow up bitter, angry, and poorly educated – feeling a sense of societal entitlement simply by virtue of their ethnicity.  This is a perfect outcome for socialist demagogues intent on growing the dependent class in America to astronomical proportions.
And, how has PEG responded to this criticism?  The Middle Ground News provides the answer: returned to the story Thursday, June 4 with a follow up by Kyle Olson, Founder of Education Action Group, to their original story highlighting the segments on “The O’Reilly Factor” and revealing that in the wake of the national media attention, PEG had removed all lists of school districts, independent and charter schools, government agencies, organizations and associations, international clients and higher education clients from its website. published a list they had recorded previously to the scrubbing of the website. Tulsa Public Schools was a part of that list.
I guess that means that while raking in millions to teach hate, anarchy, and confusion, this “education” company is now going “underground.”  Sounds very Stalinesque to me.

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