June 20, 2015

Girl’s Tweets About Charleston Shooting Gets Her Fired (Photos)

 We’ve seen it happen before, the left doesn’t agree with something someone says on Twitter and they (usually hiding behind fake accounts) do everything possible to stalk the person and find out where they live and work.
They have tried to get people fired on many occasions, all while sitting on their asses probably getting paid to troll the internet.
It doesn’t matter if you agree with the employee or not, she has the right to say it. That’s the point of ‘free speech’.

Apparently not to left wing tyrants or her employer.
A movie theater employee has been fired after her employer discovered her tweets in response to the recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.
Hyley DiBona took to social media to rant about her stance on the issues of race as well as commentary on the tragic shooting of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
 And Regal Cinemas responded to these social media stalkers this way:
 Who are some of the people that complained to Regal? These beauties:

Basically these morons can say or do anything THEY like but if someone says something they don’t like they decide to stalk them and try to get them fired.

This is how the left rolls.
They do not want ANY disagreement to their ideology so they force it upon people by shutting them up.
Of course, the former Regal employee shouldn’t have ever posted photos of where she worked on Twitter but no matter, the left wing stalkers would have tried to find out where she worked either way.
And of course most of these social media scum don’t even use their real names.

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