June 14, 2015

Hillary the `rock` of the family: Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton said in an interview aired Sunday that he admires his wife Hillary as she makes her second run for the White House, defending her integrity in the face of attacks.
On Saturday, Clinton held the first major rally of her campaign to become America`s first woman president, on home turf in New York.
"I trust her with my life, and have on more than one occasion," the former US president told CNN`s "State of the Union" in the interview taped earlier this week.
The pair married when they were both in their late 20s, a time the former president recalled as being "plagued by self-doubt," adding that he had few bearings because his father died before he was born.
"Whenever I had trouble, she was the rock in our family," he added about his wife.
When Bill Clinton narrowly lost his re-election campaign for the post of governor of Arkansas in 1980, "she never blinked. She just said, `hey, it will turn around. I believe in you,`" he recalled.
Clinton also defended his wife in the face of polls showing that most Americans say she is neither honest nor trustworthy.
Hillary Clinton`s campaign, announced in April, has been clouded by criticism about her charitable work with the Clinton Foundation, paid speeches, private email accounts and her record as secretary of state.
"Anybody who is still really close to their best friend in grade school is by definition trustworthy. Unless they were robbing stores together at six or seven," Bill Clinton said.
"Anybody who has got the friends of their lifetime is trustworthy."
The Democratic leader, who was at the White House from 1993 to 2001, also recognized the strength of the Republican field opposing his wife`s candidacy.
"They got a lot of youth. They got a lot of energy. They got some significant diversity," Clinton said.
"And they`re no dummies."
Yet he pilloried them for believing that "trickle-down economics works better than investment, and their convictions are so great that they`re undeterred by evidence."


  1. I wish Clinton`s father HAD "died before he was born" -- if that had happened, then Bill wouldn't exist.

  2. I keep hoping to read that they have killed one-another.

    "I have nothing to hide. That's precisely why I ensured that the evidence of my innocence was destroyed so nobody could ever see it.”, said nobody ever.

    That reminds me of Ross Perot's line about Clinton some 25 years ago:

    "If his wife can't trust him, why should I?"

    Donate the $400 MILLION of BRIBE money you have collected in that "FOUNDATION for the enrichment of the Clintons" America's FOOD BANKS.People need food NOW.

  3. Hillary is a rock for sure ...that is what she has for a brain and nothing can absorb into it unless there is much money attached to it. She is the most self centered war monger ever to be in US politics. Lets see the death count connected to this family approaching 50 ? or is it even more than that now.

  4. Have you ever considered that Bill may have been the spoor of a lesbian "marriage"? I think one thing is for sure the Shillary, Bill "marriage" was created deep in the bowels of the CIA.