June 09, 2015

Judge Rules White People Doing Better than Blacks or Hispanics on a Test is Racist

 In the era of Obama, it seems everything negative happening in America is attributed to racism.  It has become a cheap easy ploy of the left to justify just about anything they want to do or anything they want to blame conservatives for doing.
Now, in an effort to cover for the inadequacy of the education of public school teachers, liberals are once again playing the “race card” to cover up their failures. reports:
(Daily Caller) – A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores.

At first glance, the city’s second Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST-2) seems fairly innocuous. Unlike the unfair literacy tests of Jim Crow, LAST-2 was given to every teaching candidate in New York, and it was simply a test to make sure that teachers had a basic high school-level understanding of both the liberal arts and the sciences.
One sample question from the test asked prospective educators to identify the mathematical principle of a linear relationship when given four examples; another asked them to read four passages from the Constitution and identify which illustrated checks and balances. Besides factual knowledge, the test also checks basic academic skills, such as reading comprehension and the ability to read basic charts and graphs.
Nevertheless, this apparently neutral subject matter contained an insidious kernel of racism, because Hispanic and black applicants had a passage rate only 54 to 75 percent of the passage rate for whites.
This is absurd!  Simply because some people got lower scores on the a basic knowledge test, doesn’t mean it’s racist.  It means those applicants had defective educations.
All teachers, regardless of subject matter taught, should have basic general knowledge.  If this partisan federal judge can’t see this, then the judge cares nothing about educational excellence or the academic successes of students. explains further:
Once their higher failure rate was established, the burden shifted to New York to prove that LAST-2 measured skills that were essential for teachers and therefore was justified in having a racially unequal outcome. While it might seem obvious that possessing basic subject knowledge is a key skill for a teacher, District Judge Kimba Wood said the state hadn’t met that burden.
“Instead of beginning with ascertaining the job tasks of New York teachers, the two LAST examinations began with the premise that all New York teachers should be required to demonstrate an understanding of the liberal arts,” Wood wrote in her opinion, according to The New York Times.
LAST-2 hasn’t been used in New York since 2012, but the ruling will still have repercussions. Minorities who failed the exam (who number in the thousands) may be owed years of back pay totaling millions of dollars, and those who were relegated to substitute teaching jobs could be promoted to having their own classrooms. In addition, while Wood’s ruling only applies to New York City, the test was used statewide, and it could serve as a precedent for further lawsuits.

This ruling is a glaring example of why the federal judiciary needs a complete overhauling.  By claiming that the test was somehow unfair to minorities, it opens the door for thousands of lawsuits (and probably loud protests by Rev. Al and others in the “race-baiting” industry).
Judge Kimba Wood
The name Kimba Wood might be familiar to those fond of political history. 
She was Bill Clinton’s second unsuccessful choice for Attorney General back in 1993. 
Her name was withdrawn after it was made known that she had employed an illegal alien as a nanny.  Clinton finally tapped Janet (I blew up Waco) Reno as his third choice who got confirmed as AG during Clinton’s first term.
Perhaps this ruling is some kind of desperate attempt to aid Hillary’s run for President by appealing to minority voters.

Whatever the case, it is an insult to the thousands of many fine teachers in the NY state public education system who do have basic knowledge and academic skills; people of all ethnic backgrounds.
This is liberalism out-of-control again – “We have to dumb down the tests so more people can pass them.” 
Instead, this judge should have asked the question, “What is wrong with so many prospective teachers’ educations that they can’t pass a basic skills test?”
Just one more reason to get the federal government out of education altogether.


  1. Guillotine_readyJune 9, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Using the word racist or racism is racist

  2. Education is never mentioned in the constitution and so, by the tenth amendment, it is a state matter entirely.

  3. Kimba Wood
    Kimba Lovejoy
    Kimba Kramer
    Kimba Richardson

    I think I detect a pattern here..

  4. Tests are CONscrtucted to messure the level of teaching stil stuck in the brain, and thats it, to then scale a simple test, witch I was I regard as a flatout scam, because it doesnt tell me anything, unless I want to know where he stands in more spesific knowledge in some areas, but this areas dont mean mucth either is the person isnt able to utelise he/hers intellegence in a mutch broader setting, than testing the ability to repeat whats been given as knowledge.

    I am not impressed, IQ is 1800.
    And should be dead and gone, dyslectics are a profe of this scam.
    The present schooling system is killing the brains of our children, the slaughtering on creativity and thinking as to learn how to disecret disquisons as to utelyse Chritical thinking.
    I have one advantage since I am dyslectic, a pohotograpic memory, and an ability to visualise math and physics.


  5. Yes an understanding of liberal arts is required to be an effective teacher. Teachers much have a wide knowledge of the subject matter being tought or the students won't consider what they say as authoritative. I guess the only requirement to be a teacher now is to be able to read and write and follow basic instructions. Sounds like public school kids are gonna get shafted even harder, being dumbed down so we can compete and are eventually overrun by nations who can. Then again that's the whole idea: our Semitic central banker owners want white people and nations and culture gone off the face of the earth.

  6. This is just an extension of the "everyone must pass or they'll feel bad" crud that has destroyed the American Educational System; first they "adjusted" the classroom to the lowest common denominators, now they'll complete the process by making teaching jobs identical (ie. Hire some slub that's barely qualified to walk dogs to teach).

    These are the same people whose best idea to prevent homeschooled children from winning every spelling bee in the country was to BAN them from the events. You know, morons.