June 27, 2015

New Black Panther Leader Calls For KILLING ‘White Slave Masters’

The violent and deranged New Black Panther group is now threatening to kill white people and their families.
At a rally on Tuesday, New Black Panther leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, told a group of about 200 black people in Charleston that it’s time to “complete the mission” and kill white “slave masters” and their families.

Shabazz is referring to completing the mission of Denmark Vesey, a slave who strategized to kill slave masters nearly two centuries ago when the church where the 9 were murdered was being founded.
However, Vesey’s plans were foiled by other slaves and he and 35 other conspirators were hung.
“Let this cracker hear you!” he shouted to the crowd at a Save the Black Church rally Tuesday.
He led the crowd in a chant of “Black power” and “by any means necessary.” And continued with another, “What do we want? Justice, When do we want it? Now.”
I wasn’t aware that centuries after slavery was abolished, all white people are still ‘slave masters’…
I’m so glad this guy can call white people ‘crackers’ but the country would go BALLISTIC if the n-word was used in this context. (Rightfully so, however, the reverse should not provoke a different reaction.)
This mentally deranged man furthermore ridiculed the families of the victims of the Charleston church shooting because they stated that they forgave murderer Dylann Roof.
This group is obviously off their rockers, but why is this man not arrested for making terroristic threats?
Thankfully, Twitter users were as outraged as they should be and wishing the same thing we all are: that no one falls for this insanity.
If white people started chanting “White Power,” we would be immediately deemed racist and highly shunned by society. However, the reverse is never true.
Racism is continued to be portrayed as it can only be white on black and not the other way around as well.
You would never hear a white person spewing this hate without being arrested and charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with a hate crime.  

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