June 11, 2015

Picture of Hillary’s House Next to Marco Rubio’s is Going Mega-VIRAL [Photo]

A little bit of investigative reporting goes a long ways.
Hillary Clinton has campaigned on the platform that she is the common man’s candidate. The New York Times, having already accepted a $100,000 bribe from Clinton, has attacked Marco Rubio’s finances in an attempt to paint him as detached and part of the 1%.
Well, today things officially blew up in all of their faces when a photo began to circulate around Twitter of a side-by-side image of Hillary’s and Rubio’s homes.
Based on this image, who do you think can better identify with the common man?
This is all over Twitter right now, and it’s not hard to see why, it’s brilliant.

Clearly, the media is terrified of Marco Rubio. They are so desperate to plague him with scandal the lengths they will go to are downright disturbing. They have now attacked him for drinking water, having a fishing boat while living in Florida that’s not even a fraction of the cost of John Kerry’s yacht , and his wife having a few speeding tickets (Obama had just as many, but in THREE years). Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton should be in prison for what she’s done, and instead of investigating and writing about that, these “journalists” talk about how good Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton is at saving money. Give me a break.

 Townhall has more on the story:
This is so ridiculous I’m actually laughing at my computer right now. Rubio had student loan debt? Yeah, so? A lot of people do. The Rubios had trouble balancing their spending? Who doesn’t? Rubio took out a loan on his home to make ends meet? Good for him, lots of people do. He was paid a hefty amount of money to write a book about his upbringing that he used to pay off debt? Even better. He had more than one home now? Cool, wish I did too. He spent $80,000 on a speed fishing boat in ocean surrounded Florida after paying off his debt? How could he?!

Marco Rubio and his family are normal people chasing the American Dream and that scares the hell out of “dead broke so we could pay mortgages” Hillary Clinton supporters. The different between Rubio and Clinton is that Rubio embraces success and policies that allow every American to own multiple homes and a speed boat someday. Clinton, however, relishes in wealth instead of encouraging Americans to become wealthy themselves to live the good life. According to Clinton, not everyone can be queen.
What do yo think of this blatant hypocrisy by the MSM and other leftists?
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  1. When this story is all over the MSM, then I will know something good happened. I will not hold my breath

  2. They can BOTH go to hell ....Billionaire Lifts Marco Rubio, Politically and Personally
    Marco Rubio and Norman Braman at a bipartisan rally for Israel in 2012. Positions on Israel helped bring them together. Credit via Greater Miami Jewish Federation
    MIAMI — One day in the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Marco Rubio, the young speaker of the House, strayed from the legislative proceedings to single out a lanky, silver-haired man seated in the balcony: a billionaire auto dealer named Norman Braman.
    This man, Mr. Rubio said in effusive remarks in 2008, was no ordinary billionaire, hoarding his cash or using it to pursue selfish passions.
    “He’s used it,” Mr. Rubio said, “to enrich the lives of so many people whose names you will never know.” As it turned out, one of the people enriched was Mr. Rubio himself.
    Rubio has ascended in the ranks of Republican politics, Mr. Braman has emerged as a remarkable and unique patron. He has bankrolled Mr. Rubio’s campaigns. He has financed Mr. Rubio’s legislative agenda. And, at the same time, he has subsidized Mr. Rubio’s personal finances, as the rising politician and his wife grappled with heavy debt and big swings in their income.

  3. George Carlin was right: The game is rigged.
    Any contender on the national level got there because of money. pretending otherwise just makes them look as plastic as they really are.

  4. The Carny Prince Bill and his psycho wife should have been put in prison decades ago.

  5. These people are ALL the pick one of the 15 scumbags we tell you to vote for...we are the chumps