June 11, 2015

Price tag for US war on Islamic State - $2.7 bn

After spending more than USD 2 trillion in war in Iraq, the United States of America has spent over USD 2.7 billion on the war against Islamic State militants in Iraqand Syria since bombings began last August.
The average daily cost of the war is now more than USD 9 million.
As per the detailed breakdown of the costs released by the US Defense Department, the Air Force has borne two-thirds of the daily spending, or over USD 1.8 billion. The daily combat, reconnaissance and other flights eat up more than USD 5 million a day.
The data also provided a rare look into the often secret special operations costs, which totaled more than USD 200 million since August.
The release of the spending totals came as Congress debated and rejected legislation on Thursday that would have banned spending on the combat operations until lawmakers passed a new war powers resolution.
Military operations' cost has grown since airstrikes began in Iraq in August and then expanded to Syria the following month. Most of the strikes have been in Iraq, as the US and coalition strikes have tried to help Iraqi forces retake and hold key cities.
Other total costs include USD 438 million for the Navy, including fighters and other ship support; USD 274 million for the Army, which has trainers and special forces troops on the ground; USD 16 million for military pay; USD 646 million for munitions; and USD 21 million for intelligence and surveillance operations.

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  1. The US government is not fighting ISIS. The US government arms, trains, equips and pays ISIS. ISIS has hundreds of new pickup trucks with TOW missile launchers, made in USA. ISIS has over 2,000 armored Humvees, made in USA. They wear masks in photos so their neighbors back in Virginia won't recognize them.