June 02, 2015

Teacher Threatened With Fine For Violating Michelle Obama’s Snack Rules

This is why the federal government needs to stay the hell out of the public education system and let the local districts make all rules.
In West Virginia a teacher was using wrapped candy as a treat to students for `hard work and good behavior. ` It`s not like the teacher was candying the kids up so they had sugar highs.

But get this, the loser who runs child nutrition in the school system decided to report the teacher and was hoping she`d get a fine.
From EAGNews:
Students and parents are rallying to the defense of a teacher who is accused of violating federal school snack rules.
The Williamson PreK-8 teacher, who was not identified, would give her students “wrapped candy” as a reward for their hard work and good behavior.
Because the practice was an alleged violation of the federal rules championed by first lady Michelle Obama, Mingo County Schools Director of Child Nutrition Kay Maynard “placed a call to officials at the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) to report the incident,” the Williamson Daily News reports.
Maynard also spoke to Williamson PreK-8 principal Shannon Blackburn, telling him about the possibility of a monetary fine for the teacher.
When news spread, parents and students mobilized, collecting pennies to pay the potential fine on the teacher’s behalf.
Administrators at the WVDE decided the teacher’s violation was not a “deliberate attempt” to break Michelle Obama’s rules and said instead of fining the teacher, they required the department to “develop a corrective action plan to include training on child nutrition policies.”
So are the nutritionists in schools now the ‘Brown Shirts’ of the Obama school lunch program?
When does the school district finally say ‘enough is enough’ and toss out both the nutritional director AND the federal school lunch program that the majority of students absolutely hate.

Some kids showing the atrocious lunches under the federal school lunch program that was put into place by Michelle Obama under the guise of ‘nutritional':

While Michelle Obama’s daughters dine on 5 star meals your children in public schools get the crappiest of crap meals and not even enough food at that.
Giving kids wrapped candy as a treat isn’t going to hurt them in the short or long run as long as it’s okay with their parents.

When someone starts ‘ratting out’ a teacher for something like this there is a huge problem.
Once again, the federal government has proven what an epic failure is when it takes control over local decisions.
Of course, the states that chose to participate are at fault. It’s time to take back control and take of your kids the way you know best.
Bureaucrats in the belt way and certainly Michelle Obama are the worst people to have anything to do with YOUR kids.


  1. Who made MOOCHELLE anything at all?
    The ONLY food allowed into the White House should be that school lunch food
    If it is good enough for YOUR CHILDREN it is good enough for the White House.

  2. Thats right Ryan who in the hell gave this thing an rights or authority to tell anyone what to do. She he or whatever this piece of human excrement is is nothing but a wife to a traitor.

  3. Parents should be demanding that the rat be fired... or forced to eat at the school cafeteria for the rest of the year.