June 02, 2015

Whiny University Students Force Removal of This Statue For INSANE Reason

The people crying out about racism for everything under the sun are usually the biggest racists and most intolerant of them all.
That has yet again been proven true with some students and faculty at St. Louis University.
The entitled and whiny students of the school didn’t like a statue that featured a Jesuit missionary preaying over 2 Native Americans. Because, racism or something.

Clearly they aren’t being taught history at this school or they’d know that the missionary was actually good to Native Americans.

From Fox News:
A statue that stood for years on the St. Louis University campus has been moved from its prominent place outside a key building after complaints it evoked “Christian and white supremacy.”
The metal statue, which depicts Jesuit missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet praying over two American Indians dressed in traditional clothing, stood for years outside the university’s Fusz Hall in the center of the private Catholic school. But it was moved to the university’s art museum after a student-written editorial in the school paper declared it offensive.
And of course, the true history of the statue was taken off of the school’s website:
A link on SLU’s website said De Smet, “known simply and affectionately as ‘Blackrobe’ by the Indians, … traveled more that 180,000 miles during his lifetime, bringing Catholic Christianity to literally thousands of Native Americans while at the same time learning a great deal from the spirituality of the Indians.” That description has since been removed, although Berry told that decision was made independent of the statue complaints.
“It’s purely coincidence,” Berry said. “The new timeline is more streamlined and focuses on the University history.”

When is someone going to grow a pair and tell these entitled little twits and their far left wing lunatic professors that this isn’t how the real world works?

Not only are they showing THEIR intolerance but they don’t seem to understand the history of the person represented IN the statue.

What these people ARE showing is their own racism and intolerance.
These ignoramuses don’t seem to understand that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


  1. WHO wants to erase White Western European Christian Civilization?

  2. Guillotine_readyJune 2, 2015 at 11:42 AM

    They will soon meet the line in the sand and their regret will set in. People will take just so much racial bullshit started by the racist in chief and his ilk. As for the militant gays and the violent racist tendencies of others, I think we will get to use some ammo for a good cause soon.
    As for the whining ignorance that is all there is left at most universities now, they cannot afford to teach anything useful that might cause some corp to have some competition, oh not not that.

  3. This isn't really newsworthy.
    A good portion of college kids ARE whiney, they've always been!
    But that's because they aren't true adults yet! Sure, legally they are... Psychologically they aren't though.
    If they were, they would be spending their resources on something better than the removal of a silly statue... No offense to them but.. yeah....

  4. This is a bunch of B/S, Most people go to universities to get a higher education. Rather than bitching about things like this, they should have devoted that time to study.

  5. Wow, I guess this story was written by and for imbeciles? Good thing we've got Roger Ailes.

  6. People will do anything for those shekels