June 19, 2015

Woman Interrupts Live CNN Report To Deliver Shocking Claim About White People

“Are you angry? Are you angry, white dude, sir?”

CNN correspondents John Berman and Don Lemon were rudely interrupted Thursday while giving a live report from Charleston, S.C., on the shooting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.
As Berman began to speak, a woman berated him, attempting to get his attention. “There’s a lot of heartbreak to go around in this city today,” Berman said at the top of his report. “No, we’re mad. We’re angry. Tell the truth!” shouted the woman.
Berman acknowledged the shouting. “You damn right. Report the real truth – we’re angry,” the woman responded. “White people are terrorists,” the woman said. After Berman pointed out that traffic was opened up again near Emanuel AME, the woman asked him, “Are you angry? Are you angry, white dude, sir?”
Lemon then came on screen with Berman. “I’m joined now by Don Lemon who’s with me,” Berman said. “And a friend,” Lemon added humorously. The woman did not relent, “Are you angry? Are you angry, Don?” She then made her way on camera behind the two correspondents, pestering Lemon. “Are you angry? Are you angry Don?” she said repeatedly, also calling Lemon an “Uncle Tom.”
“Speak about the anger! Talk about the anger,” she pleaded, hardly getting the attention of Berman and Lemon.
The woman even had harsh words for President Obama. “The president is a puppet!” she said. “Stop the lies. Stop the lies. He’s an Uncle Tom too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom too… Black folks, get off your knees and start praying.”
h/t: BuzzPo

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