July 01, 2015

A man in a wheelchair has managed to rob a bank in New York before getting away without being arrested

A man in a wheelchair managed to evade authorities after robbing a bank of $1,200.The unidentified suspect, believed to be in his 20s, cruised into the Santander Bank branch at 37-10 Broadway in Long Island City and handed the teller a note at around 2 p.m  demanding cash 
The employee handed over $1,200 and the crook scooted out of the bank in his wheelchair, fleeing west down Broadway.
Despite never showing a gun to bank workers, the man was not intercepted as he exited the bank in his wheelchair with the loot. No arrests have been made.
As he made his escape, the man was captured on surveillance video rolling past several businesses.
The crook told the teller he had a gun, but he never actually displayed a weapon, according to authorities.

The apparently disabled suspect was moving so fast in his wheelchair that he was already out of sight by the time the NYPD scrambled helicopters.
Investigators are looking at whether the heist was an inside job.
The New York incident is not the first time a person in a wheelchair has robbed a bank.

A 60-year-old Idaho man in a wheelchair was arrested last year for holding up a First Federal Bank, stopped by police while attempting to flee the robbery scene in a taxi cab.

In 2010, a terminally ill California man in a wheelchair hoping to get medical care in prison held up a Chase Bank with a BB gun. He was arrested outside the building and was sentenced to 21 years' incarceration.


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