July 24, 2015

Liberal Media Shocked By Hillary’s Unpopularity

MSNBC went into near meltdown today reporting troubling polling numbers for Hillary Clinton.
A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows Hillary to be suffering from growing, negative favorability ratings in key states, Iowa, Virginia, and Colorado.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski seemed surprised by the new numbers which reveal massive problems from the presumptive Democratic nominee.  “I think we kinda missed a lede here,” she said.
The new polling data also shows Hillary Clinton is in bad shape in head to head match-ups with several Republicans, including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio.
Joe Scarborough was astonished. “Those numbers are stunning,” the host exclaimed.
Scarborough then asked “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, “What does the Democratic party do about numbers like this in Iowa, Virginia and other important swing states — Colorado for gosh sakes?”
Todd’s assessment could be seen as sobering to the GOP: ”If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, the biggest story of the summer would be Hillary Clinton’s problems solidifying herself inside the party.”
“This also fits another pattern of hers,” said Todd. “Whenever she’s been out front as the face of the Democratic party, her numbers have gone down. They always have.” Todd added that, “You could simply say, she doesn’t ‘wear well.’”

So the public doesn’t like Hillary Clinton very much, which is quite surprising to the hosts at the echo chamber which is MSNBC.
Watch the video below:

Are you surprised by Hillary Clinton’s plummeting ratings, or is this simply as you would expect?


  1. Time wounds all heels. Her past is catching up.

  2. Well it does appear that people are waking up, to who and what Hillbilly really is.

  3. Hey they shouldn't feel so bad for her, nobody likes them either!

  4. The Hildebeast murdered Quddafi. She has reserved a place in Hell.

  5. They just think we are all just fine with endless war when in reality there is not bigger issue on everyone's minds, and who besides the sycophants media cannot see that Libya made Hillary a war criminal. We came, we saw, and she looses. HAW HAW HAW!

  6. The media is not Liberal ... their are corporate ...there is a difference ... a big difference.

  7. Maybe there's a snuke..