July 31, 2015

Natural Juices To Melt Your Body Fat

Having flabby body fat here and there is an embarrassing thing as we become socially unacceptable and unappealing. Moreover, it is not good for your health.
Being obese invites all kinds of disease such as high cholesterol, heart attack, joint pain, infertility etc. Now, you need not to worry if you follow these remedies to lose weight fast. These natural remedies for weight loss have to be taken in the form of juices. 
Juices are easily digested and absorbed by the body as compared to solid food. Juices work effectively for weight loss as they work quicker than solid foods for weight loss.
You can lose much of your body fat after undergoing juice therapy for your body fat. You need to take these juices daily. They are healthy and nutritious too and also supplies you with many vitamins and minerals.
Does Honey & Cinnamon Help In Weight Loss?
Here is a list of some healthy and nutritious juices for weight loss.
Peach Juice 
Peach contains less calories and no fat. If you regularly take peach juice, you will lose significant amounts of weight within a month of its consumption.
 Cabbage Juice 
It aids in weight loss as it is rich in tartaric acid which prevents the conversion of sugar into fat in the body. Cabbage is also rich in vitamin C and A and is good for your heart too.
Parsley Juice 
This juice is rich in many antioxidants that helps your body to remove poisonous substances. It is also rich in vitamin C and A. Parsley juice has been found to be very effective in cutting down fat in your body.
Honey And Lemon Juice
 To remove those fatty flabs on your belly, mix a glass of warm water with 4 tbsp of lemon juice and one tbsp of pure honey. Drink this every morning one hour before breakfast.
Jujube Leaves (Indian Plum) Juice 
It is also called Jujube oil. This oil is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A, C and B2. Soak jujube leaves in water and keep it overnight. Drink the water before having breakfast.
Carrot Juice 
Carrot juice is not only good for your eye sight but is extremely good to cut down your body fat. Have this nutritious carrot juice daily to lose weight.
Lemon Juice With Ginger Juice
 Mix two tbsp of ginger juice with one tbsp of honey and three tbsp of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Drink this in evening before having dinner.
Apple Cider Vinegar 
Mix two tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. Drink it twice daily to melt the fat in your body.

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