July 21, 2015

Pentagon Tells Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed; Close Blinds

Yes, he is serious about this, ladies and gents. No plans to let trained professionals take their weapons to work to defend themselves against terrorists…because that makes perfect sense.
Besides, who needs a bullet when you can just adjust the blinds? Ridiculous:
Army chief of staff Gen. Ray Odierno said on Friday he has no plans to arm recruiters or add security patrols to military recruitment centers in the wake of the Islamist terror attacks on unarmed, unguarded military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday. Odierno basically said he doesn’t trust his troops to handle their weapons properly.

Also on Friday, the Marine Corps ordered recruiters to not wear their uniforms at work for ‘force protection.’
Today the Pentagon added this–Military recruiters are being told to “close the blinds” for added safety.
Gretchen Carlson reported:
We have just confirmed here at FOX from the Pentagon, that the head of the US Northern Command has now issued a directive to authorize recruiters not to be able to carry weapons at the centers but he wants them to implement new security measures like “closing the blinds at the office.”

Yea, I’ll remember this quality security tip when a robber breaks in to my place. I’ll shut the blinds. Or shoot him, DUH. These are trained soldiers in the MARINE CORPS.
I am certain that I as a civilian lack the training and knowledge of weaponry that I am sure that these men and women are exposed to.
According to my sister, a Marine, every day at boot camp you handle a rifle, then go to marine combat training for 2 months, handling a grenade launcher,.50 cal, and participate in hands on training.

This is all AFTER you pass extensive knowledge test, and every weapon requires 12 hours minimum education.
This is becoming more and more of a joke when we are disarming those we are training to protect our nation.
After the incident in Chattanooga, it is foolhardy to assume that there will be no more. We need these folks armed as they were trained to be. America is worth defending.
Written by Katie McGuire.


  1. Odierno is a POS and traitor.

  2. What are the phony baloney generals(politicians) really afraid of?
    Perhaps - Sir! No Sir!

  3. ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥July 21, 2015 at 12:09 PM

    The "Caitliinzation" of the U.S. Military continues....

  4. If soldiers on military bases were armed, politicians (including the president and members of his cabinet) would no longer visit military bases for fear of being shot. Plus, the fragging of ass-hole officers would skyrocket.

  5. Pentagon Tells Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed; Close Blinds & put a big sign outside saying, "GUN FREE ZONE"

  6. Remember Obongo First at Annapolis having the swords that the cadets are wearing with their formal uniform, removed ........LOL !