July 24, 2015

The Most Powerful Memorial to the Chattanooga Five You Will EVER See!

 New billboards are popping up throughout Tennessee with a powerful message to honor the servicemen killed in last Thursday’s fatal shootings.
From WBIR:
New billboards throughout Knoxville, Chattanooga and other cities statewide show hats for four Marines and one Navy sailor, to honor the servicemen killed in last Thursday’s fatal shootings. …

Brian Conley is vice president and general manager of Lamar Knoxville, the outdoor advertising company running the tribute on its area billboards.
“It’s a powerful message…I was moved,” he said, describing when he first saw the artwork. “The first copy of the artwork that we did just had the four Marine hats, and then, unfortunately, the sailor passed away the next day, so we added that the next day.”
He said several different outdoor advertising companies throughout the state are running the memorial, free of charge.
“That’s one good thing about the state of Tennessee: the people really pull together,” Conley said. “We appreciate that we’re able to support the state as a whole.”
The memorial is displayed on seven Lamar Knoxville billboards, including on Chapman Highway, Lovell Road and Kingston Pike. Angela Taps with Lamar Knoxville said the message is set to run through late Thursday night.
The memorial billboard campaign comes through the Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee, which Conley said includes companies such as Lamar, Fairway and Clear Channel Outdoor. …
What do you think of this amazing tribute to the fallen?

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