July 21, 2015

This Sheriff Has Brutal Message For Obama on Chattanooga and the Military

 Sheriff Clarke often makes headlines these days because he doesn’t hold back about the insanity going on this country OR his disdain for the behavior on the left.
He minced no words when he sent out a tweet about Obama’s complete lack of respect when it comes to the Military Men who were murdered in Tennessee last week.

From The Political Insider:
While President Barack Obama is busy avoiding the fact that five U.S. servicemen were killed in Chattanooga by an Islamic terrorist, other leaders are sounding the alarm about the threat America faces.
One such leader is Atlanta Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., who went on Twitter and expressed why Obama’s reaction to the violent murders was essentially a “shoulder shrug.”
 It’s amazing how much Obama considers young criminals to be his ‘son’ yet doesn’t have the same feelings about honorable young men in this country. Here are some responses to Clarke’s tweet:


  1. It turns out the shooter in Chattanooga was on and off prescription anti-depressants, which can trigger acts of violence. The shooter in Charleston was on suboxone (among other things) which can also trigger violence. Adam Lanza was on several prescription medications known to cause violent behavior. So was John Holmes in Aurora. So were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at Columbine.

    The problem isn't guns and it isn't Islam. Prescription psychiatric medications have a long and well-documented history of triggering bizarre behavior, suicide, and mass violence in otherwise normal people. But prescription psychiatric medications are a $10 billion a year business. They write huge campaign donations checks and fat advertising contracts. So guns or Islam or little green men in flying saucers get the blame for the blood and death!


  2. It also appears that "Skip" Larry Wells had his photo next to a Marine "Larry Wells" who died in an attack on Najaf on Aug 6, 2004.
    Maybe Obama knew it was a hoax when he shrugged.

  3. it would take some digging, but I could find a study I read 5 + years about

    atypical anti-psychotics (the kind commonly used make troubled kids manageable in the classroom). continued use of these meds seems associated with unforseen psychotic breaks in early adulthood, and more often in males. So are we creating walking time-bombs? I believe so now.