July 22, 2015

World first bionic eye implant restores central vision

Ray Flynn, 80, is the first person to get bionic eye implant with dry age-related macular degeneration( AMD).
It is also believed that he is the first human being to have the use of combined natural and artificial sight, reportedly.
According to The Guardian, Flynn had been experiencing deteriorating of the central vision for the last eight years. He further said that the ailment has affected his life.
AMD is the most common cause of sight loss in the developed with between 20 million and 25 million sufferers worldwide.
A team of British doctor performed the first bionic eye implant with the most common cause of sight loss at Manchester's Royal Eye Hospital. The operation took four hour and the doctors has wrapped the retinal implant around the back of patient right eye.
The bionic eye implant works by converting the video images captured by a miniature camera mounted on glasses worn by the patient.
The images are converted into a series of small electrical pulses and transmitted wirelessly to electrodes on the surface of the retina.
The Argus II retinal implant, manufactured by US firm Second Sight, has previously been used to restore some vision to patients who are blind with rare condition like retinitis pigmentosa.
But this is the first time that a patient with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has the bionic eye implanted.
Two weeks after surgery, when the device was turned on, Mr Flynn was immediately able to detect images.
He was quoted as saying that it was wonderful with my eyes closed to see the bars on there.

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