August 22, 2015

Brilliant Meme Reveals Truth About Violent Crime and Self-Defense

Bernie Sanders, a longtime NRA supporter in his gun-filled home state of Vermont, is now positioning himself against supporting guns.
After the recent Louisiana movie theater shooting that left three dead, including the gunman, Sanders directly stated that he wants to ban all firearms designed for self-defense, and that only guns for hunting should be permitted until, of course, he changes his mind again.
Senator Bernie Sanders said on Meet the Press that he wants to make gun laws “more enforceable” and “stronger” in the wake of the recent shooting in Louisiana. Hillary Clinton’s biggest threat to the Democratic nomination also said he wants to ban all firearms that aren’t used for hunting purposes:

“I believe that we need to make certain kinds of guns used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting should not be allowed for sale in the United States of America. We have huge loopholes at gun shows that should be eliminated.”
Sanders effectively said that he would ban many rifles, shotguns, and almost all handguns. Sanders had previously described himself as a socialist but given that his home state of Vermont is fiercely respectful of Second Amendment rights, he had been labeled a “gun nut” by some on the left.
The NRA actually helped get Sanders elected to Congress in 1990.
Now that he is seeking the national support of Democrats, he has to amend his prior support of the Second Amendment. And he pandered to the extreme left on Meet the Press.

With that simple statement, Sanders declared the he would ban nearly all handguns, the majority of the most popular rifles, and many common shotguns as well.
I’m thankful Sanders finally revealed his true views on firearms. After all, his traditionally socialist values of “the government must control everything” didn’t quite match up with his support of guns.
Regardless, Sanders would be a terrible president — knowing that he’s a flip-flopper only makes it worse. Plus, there’s not a chance I’m about to let him take my Second Amendment rights away.

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