August 10, 2015

Brilliant Meme Sums Up The Real Difference Between a Socialist and a Capitalist

From Powerline:
Socialist Bernie Sanders is now running only six points behind limousine socialist Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to a WMUR Granite State poll. Clinton leads Sanders 42-36. This puts him only fractionally outside the poll’s margin of error.

Although Clinton maintains a double-digit lead in New Hampshire in the Real Clear Politics average, that lead is inflated by a poll (by Bloomberg/St. Anselm) from mid-June that had Clinton up by 32 points. The last three polls (including the latest from WMUR) have Clinton ahead only by 8, 10, and now 6 points. …
What about Joe Biden? He isn’t included in the head-to-head poll. However, the latest poll shows a favorable-unfavorable split of 63 percent to 25 percent for the garrulous vice president. This is worse than Clinton’s rating (72-19) and Sanders’ (69-10).
Biden enthusiasts, including those at the White House, may be overlooking the fact that the Obama administration is not viewed as wonderful even by Democrats. This, I assume, is why Hillary Clinton has been distancing herself from Obama which, in turn, probably explains Team Obama’s enthusiasm for a Biden run.

Democrats and their pundit allies who are cackling about the size of the Republican field and the rise of Donald Trump should pay more attention to what’s happening on their side of the presidential race. Or maybe they’re paying plenty of attention and cackling about the GOP as a form of compensation.

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