August 25, 2015

Brutal Meme Reveals Liberal Hypocrisy on Anchor Babies

Anchor babies are now a lucrative “big money” business in the United States with firms charging up to $99,000 per child.
Breitbart reports:
Immigration attorney Kyle Barella is pleased that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump brought the “anchor baby” discussion to the forefront, as Barella said this has become a big money business for companies that provide wealthy foreign mothers neonatal and delivery services in the United States, so their child can become a U.S. citizen.
Barella, founder of Barella Law, explained exclusively to Breitbart News that the birth right citizenship law – although legal – is being abused by these companies. According to Barella, poor pregnant immigrant mothers coming across the southern border aren’t the ones being targeted, but rather the companies are targeting wealthy foreigners from countries such as China and Russia, at times making $99,000 dollars per sale.

“The one that I know is called ‘Miami Mama.’ In all fairness to them – one, what they are doing is completely legal…and number two, they’re not the only ones. Just this morning I typed in Google…in Russian… “Birth in the U.S.A” … and there’s over 19,000 Google hits on giving birth in the U.S.A. for citizenship and there are quite a few companies that come up,” Barella explained.
Several companies — not just Miami Mama — came up by simply typing in Russian “Birth in the U.S.A” into a Google search. A few include:,, and
“It’s not just the Russians. There are similar websites in Chinese, Spanish and Arabic,” Barella added.
Barella mainly used the company Miami Mama as an example, but reiterated it’s not the only company offering this type of service. Barella’s wife – who speaks Russian – helped him research the company website.
“It’s entirely in Russian … and basically what these companies do – and it’s not just Russian people, it’s Chinese people, it’s people from South America, wealthy people – so this is completely different from illegal immigrants coming over giving birth into the U.S.,” he explained. “This is completely legal and it’s wealthy immigrants who pay. The Standard Package for Miami Mama starts at $19,900 dollars and it goes all the way up to what’s called the Imperial Package, which is $99,000 dollars.”

Although Barella doesn’t work with these companies – and has not had any contact with Miami Mama – he explained the context behind this big moneymaking business.
“What the context is, is that these wealthy foreign families can pay to come over to the U.S. usually in their second trimester…they put them up in a hotel, they provide them with prenatal care… with a Russian doctor, which is – of course – in cahoots with this program because remember, they’re paying out of pocket – they’re not on U.S. insurance,” Barella explained. He added that he can’t confirm the doctors are in business with the company, but suspects this is the case.

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