August 20, 2015

Guess What Word Is Trying to Be Abolished at Yale?

 Too bad that America wants to raise a generation of whiny, crying little babies instead of men and women of courage and strong moral fiber. The latest in Liberal whine-news is nothing short of eye-rolling, but hey, you gotta know they have to have SOMETHING to be upset about.
 A Yale professor is now seeking to abolish the use of the word ‘Master’ on campus, because, (get ready for it) it has cause black students both male and female to move off-campus. Yes, really.
The Daily Caller says that Yale organizes its undergraduate students into one of 12 different residential colleges, which are a core feature of daily life at the school. Besides having their own dormitories, each residential college also has a separate dining facility and library, and can organize its own special events. Additionally, each college has a master, typically drawn from the school’s faculty, who lives in a special house allotted to them on campus.
Ok, so what?

Well, one Prof decided to get a bee in his bonnet about the supposed ‘racial’ undertones to the word, and no longer wants students to call him Master. He says “I have found the title of the office I hold deeply problematic given the racial and gendered weight it carries,” Davis wrote in an email to Pierson students Friday, according to the Yale Daily News. “I think there should be no context in our society or in our university in which an African-American student, professor, or staff member—or any person, for that matter—should be asked to call anyone ‘master’ … And there should be no context where male-gendered titles should be normalized as markers of authority.
The use of the word “MASTER” isn’t the problem. It’s allowing it to be offensive that is. There is not ONE student at Yale today, I will bet a MILLION dollars, that has been a slave. There is NOTHING there that should be demeaning, offensive, or construed as racist in any way about calling the staff that reside in the houses in undergrad communities Master.
By allowing people to be offended and hurt, are you REALLY educating anyone? In the real world, being offended just means you’re a whiner. You’re offended? Too bad. Live with it or move on. College is supposed to educate and prepare you for the real world, not keep you coddled and swaddled up in a comfortable cocoon of lies.
Better learn to deal with it, kids, because the real world isn’t gonna be coddling you.
Written by Katie McGuire. 

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