August 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton to turn over private email server, memory sticks to FBI

 After days of being in denial of sending any private messages using her private account, White House hopeful Hillary Clinton on Wednesday gave in to the demands of critics and decided to hand over the email server she used as Secretary of State to the FBI.
Hillary, who is a frontrunner democrat candidate for 2016 US presidential elections, has been under the cloud over her private email usage during her tenure as the Secretary of State.
 The FBI has been investigating whether classified information was sent using her private server being run from her house in New York City.
Hillary's move to hand over the private server and also the memory sticks containing copies of the email comes as she apparently seeks to avoid the issue from snowballing further and denting her presidential campaign.
Clinton has already handed over thousands of emails to the State Department in March this year and last December, which are under review.
The use of her private email account has become a brownie point for her opponents as they would try to cash in on the issue to bring her campaign down.
The email controversy surfaced to light this March when a report said that Clinton had exclusively used both a private email address and a private server while at the State Department.
Questions were raised why she chose not to use government email if she wasn't trying to skirt federal rules that require officials' communications to be archived.
However, Hillary described her use of personal email as a matter of "convenience" and a way to avoid carrying two devices.

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