August 28, 2015

How Big Government Keeps You Poor Perfectly Illustrated

The Young Conservatives report that welfare is now the highest paying entry level job in 38 states:
Is this the ‘change’ Obama promised back in 2008?

Is this what voters turned out for back when 44 promised us ‘hope?”
If so, great job, sir! You have fundamentally transformed our nation into a group of beggars and hangers-on.
There are obvious problems with giving people “free” money.
We could list the fact that the money is taken from the people who earned it, or that the debt pyramid that funds the “free” money is unsustainable and will end in crisis.
We could point out that people drop out of the labor market because the free money makes it possible, thus lowering productivity at the same time that we are increasing obligations. That is a looming economic disaster for the country.
The extent of the problem was recently emphasized to me when I read this piece at the DC Clothesline blog: “The Statistics Do Not Lie! Welfare Is the Best Paying Entry Level Job In 35 States!”
Take a look at the following economic chart created by the Cato Institute.
There are, in America, 35 states who pay welfare recipients better than retail clerks, factory workers and fast food employees.
This is a world turned upside down and only the twisted communist-based economic policies of this present administration would think that this is acceptable.
Before you welfare recipients fire up your computer to write to me and tell me how evil I am for printing this, I would remind you that what the government can give you, the government can take away from you.
My wife started out her professional career working at McDonald’s serving hamburgers at the age of 16. Twenty years later and after several promotions, she was in charge of all of the corporate owned McDonalds in Arizona.

On a national level, she ran the food concessions for the NBA All-Star weekend as well as the NFL Superbowl held in Phoenix.
Under the present economic climate and policies, what would have been her motivation to work her way to the top before retiring? Today, our country has robbed its citizens of its most precious resource, hope!
What incentive does the average person have to start at the bottom of the economic ladder when sitting on your butt collecting welfare pays more?

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