August 07, 2015

Lesbian Couple Burns Down Their House for Insurance Money, Claims Neighbor Committed ‘Hate Crime’

Talk about having no shame.
A lesbian couple decided to disgracefully use their lifestyle as a means to commit fraud by not only burning down their own home, but then also pointing fingers at their neighbor and calling it a ‘hate crime’.
From Daily Mail:
A lesbian couple scrawled homophobic abuse on their garage before burning down their own house in Tennessee then calling it a hate crime, a court ruled.

Carol Ann and Laura Jean Stutte reduced their own house to a pile of charred rubble in September 2010 and branded their neighbor a homophobe in order to get the $276,000 insurance pay out.
But insurers American National Property and Casualty Company caught on to the ruse and accused the couple of faking the fire.
A federal jury ruled in favor of the insurance company and they will not have to pay out on the insurance claim on the house in Venore, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel.
The court heard how the couple spray-painted the word ‘queers’ on their garage and later blamed their neighbor Janice Millsaps.
They claimed that, a month before the blaze, Millsaps said: ‘Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers.’
Millsaps was investigated by the FBI, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the insurance company, and was never charged with any crime after they all concluded it was a scam.

Falsely accusing others of being racist or homophobic is an incredibly low act that should have an appropriate punishment. The women should not be let off the hook for what they did to their neighbor and insurance company.
These two frauds tried to use their sexuality to act like crazies and burn their own house down to sabotage someone’s life and and rip off their insurance company big time.
It’s absolutely sickening and despicable, but it’s fortunate the truth was uncovered before the insurance company was forced to fork up the money and the neighbor’s life went down the drain.

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