August 25, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy on Socialism Perfectly Displayed

Bernie Sanders, in a recent speech, wowed the crowd with promises of lots of free stuff on the taxpayer dime, and free ice cream too!

Attacking the top .01 percent and the tax havens they use, Sanders, a self-declared socialist, presented a worldview in which the government should be used to create equality. He mocked those scared of redistributing income as hypocrites and scaremongers who try to tell people that he’s part of some communist plot. He added that there has been a huge redistribution of income from the middle class to the very top wealthiest in the recent past.

“Millions of people are working at wages that are just too damn low,” Sanders said, adding that free education is very logical to help youth who are facing disproportionate unemployment, particularly black and Hispanic youth.
“We cannot afford to waste intellectual capital,” Sanders said, cataloguing a list of ills including what he named as perhaps his foremost grievance, the Citizens United decision reshaping campaign finance law, which Sanders said has completely corrupted American politics.
“Wall Street’s greed nearly destroyed the American economy, and the middle class bailed them out. Now it’s their turn to help.”
Supporters — many decked out in Bernie shirts — young, middle-aged, and old, streamed out of the gym satisfied.
They’d had a good scoop of what they came to hear and then some.
“I fell in love today,” said Beth Richards as she ate some free Ben & Jerry’s outside the gym. “In my heart is his heart … I believe him.”
Sanders sweated on the podium to deliver his spread the wealth message to the receptive crowd and apparently captured at least one heart’s deeper affections as well.
“I fell in love today,” said Beth Richards as she ate some free Ben & Jerry’s outside the gym. “In my heart is his heart … I believe him.”
Like a bargain bin at the grocery store, Sanders’ ideas and socialistic tendencies were presented loud and clear with a little bit of free stuff for almost everyone. Sanders threw together often valid critiques of banks too-big-to-fail, campaign finance issues, and policies which have hurt the American economy, with grand FDR-style federal works programs. He then mashed it together with a lot of boilerplate left wing political karaoke.

After a reporter from CNN asked him why he had lumped in much of the media with the hated billionaire class in his earlier remarks, Sanders excoriated the “corporate media” for focusing on “soap opera” style political reporting and trivial things, like Marco Rubio mistakenly hitting a kid with a football, instead of climate change, education, and the economy, .
You heard it from Sanders: it’s time to stop talking about politicians mistakenly hitting kids with footballs and time to start enjoying the free ice cream. Make sure to smash the chocolate slab with your presumably non-silver spoon.
In your opinion, is redistribution, as Bernie Sanders suggests, fairness or theft?

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