August 23, 2015

Long-Lost Sisters are Reunited When Both Post Similar Messages on Social Media (2 Pics)

 This is a pretty fun little way to start off your Saturday morning.
Imagine having a sibling who you’re very close to in age, but you’ve gone your entire life without meeting each other.
It would be crazy, but such is the way of the world.
Katie Doak sent a message on Facebook looking to see if anybody knew about her long-lost sister’s whereabouts, and lo and behold, something crazy happened…
From People:
he Phoenix, Arizona, teen was adopted at 18 months old when her mother was unable to care for her. With help from her adoptive mother, the 17-year-old girl began searching for her birth mother and half-sister, Kelsey Wilson, 19.
“I’ve been interested in finding her for five years, but the past year has been the main push,” Doak tells PEOPLE. “My mom has been supporting me through all of it. ”
On Monday, Doak took her search to Facebook, posting a photo of herself holding a sign that included everything she knew about her birth mother and half-sister (who was raised by grandparents).
The sign read: “Hello, my name is Katie. My birth name was Katherine Rebecca Leigh Wilson. I was born on Oct. 10, 1997 in Jefferson County Kentucky. I am seeking out to find my birth mom & half-sister to find out about my biological family. My birth mom’s name is Cynthia Michelle Wilson. She was born May 9th, 1977 (38) in Louisville Ky. Has moved around to Az, Ky, and In. My sister’s name is Kelsey Wilson. She was born April 16th, 1996 (19) in Ky. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THEM!!!”
12 News out in Arizona interviewed Katie, and not very long after, someone sent a message with her half-sister’s contact info.
It turns out that both girls had been searching for one another all along.
Wilson had even posted a similar photo last year with a sign that read: “Hi, my name is Kelsey. I’m looking for my sister! Her name is Katherine Rebecca Wilson. As far as we know, she lives in Arizona. Her birth mothers name is Cynthia Wilson. Please ‘share’ this and help me find her!”
“As soon as I read her poster, I instantly ran downstairs and showed my mom and we knew it had to be her,” Doak says. “I cried in disbelief.”
The two sisters reconnected by phone on Wednesday night.
Doak claimed that talking to her sister was easier than she thought it would be, and not at all that awkward. She also found out that she has another five “siblings who have either been adopted or are living with her biological grandparents and aunt.”
H/T: 12 News

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