August 12, 2015

New Study Shows Why 2016 Presidential Candidates Care About Whether You Type ‘LOL’ or ‘Haha’ (4 Pics)

 Facebook just issued a lengthy report on what constitutes Internet laughter in 2015.
According to the study, “LOL” is on the decline, being replaced by its apparently younger, hipper cousin, “Haha.”
 “Haha” now makes up more than 50% of digital laughter, while “LOL” is stuck at an anemic 1.9%.
It must be noted, however, that Facebook’s study combines all forms of “haha,” including terms such as “hahahaha” and “haahhhaa” into one entrant.
The report, titled “The Not-So Universal Language of Laughter,” also divvies up the country, depending on what form of e-laughter they prefer.
 Some states, including Florida and Texas, are still firmly in the “LOL” camp. Others, instead of typing any word at all, opt for emojis.
Emojis are also the preferred form of e-laughter for the younger set, according to this chart, which tracks the phrases by age.
What possible use does this information serve? The report indicates that political campaigns could utilize the geographic data to ensure they are speaking in the correct way on social media—increasingly a key component of campaigns—to would-be voters:
“Presidential campaigns, take note: the battleground states of Ohio and Virginia are ‘haha’ states, while the candidates’ emoji games will surely be key in determining who emerges victorious in Florida,” it reads.
The research was conducted as a response to a recent New Yorker article, which measured the average usage of both “haha” and “hehe.”
How do you show laughter online?

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