August 01, 2015

Police cars in Jefferson County, Illinois will now say "In God We Trust".

"In God We Trust" is the motto you see on money and soon it’ll be shown on Jefferson County, Illinois’ squad cars as well.

“This is our national motto, it’s on every bit of our currency, it’s important, it’s the moral fabric of what our country’s made of,” Jefferson Co. sheriff, Travis Allen said.

That’s why Sheriff Allen said he’s putting “In God We Trust” on his squad cars. 

The stickers will be placed on all 12 marked cars; a decision drawing mixed reaction from the community.

 “That’s what our country was built on, it’s as simple as that,” Jefferson Co. resident Jessica Baird said.

“In God We Trust should be on the dollar bill only…not on the back of no police car,” said Jerry Gill, of Jefferson Co.

“I personally do believe in God, but I would say that it could be discriminating towards certain people,” Carla Moussette said.

Sheriff Allen got the idea from another department in Stone County, Missouri and was surprised by the amount of controversy it received.

“I can’t believe that people were so upset about this, it’s our country’s motto.” Sheriff Allen said. “It’s on all of our national currency.”

Sheriff Allen said all the deputies were on board for the stickers and while he got mostly positive feedback from the community, he knows this idea won’t sit well with everyone.

“There’s no doubt this will offend somebody,” Sheriff Allen said. “My answer to that is that I’m never going to apologize for loving God, loving America and loving the principles this country was founded on. That’s why we’re all here today.”


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