August 17, 2015

Radicals Post This SICK Picture Of Scott Walker To Facebook (3 Pics)

 A group of radical environmentalists posted a gruesome picture to Facebook last week that featured a small girl carrying the decapitated head of Gov. Scott Walker, reported The Gateway Pundit.
The group, “Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park,” resent Walker’s decision in 2013 to roll back environmental regulations, which made it possible for mining companies to operate in Penokee hills.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, Walker promised that his redesigned regulations “would protect the environment while bringing certainty to the mine permitting process.”
Fast forward to this month, when several mining companies started showing interest in Penokee Hills. Another company, Gogebic Taconite, had originally been planning to build a $1.5 iron ore mine in the area but ditched its plans in February. Now other companies want to basically pick up where G-Tac left off.
This has local environmentalists ticked, to the point that they saw nothing wrong with posting the following gruesome photo to their Facebook page:
 The Wisconsin Daily Independent reported that the image “amassed over 160 likes and 170 responses that are mostly positive.”

Some of the comments are included below:
I’m not sure who I should be more frightened of — the girl in picture or the Facebook posters who support this sort of insanity.
Radicals Post This SICK Picture Of Scott Walker To Facebook

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