August 18, 2015

Response to Leftist: Your own Party’s Policies Make you a Racist

A white progressive wrote a blog in the Huffington Post where she discovered at a ‘social justice’ workshop that *gasp* she’s got ‘blind white privilege.’
Erika Kleinman attended an ‘Undoing Racism’ workshop held by people who are probably nothing more than old white communists and discovered the unthinkable: she indeed is subject to white privilege as a white woman.
It’s shocking, shocking that this progressive white woman (who actually thinks she’s part oppressed because her Mother is Dutch-Indonesian), was completely confused.
From the Huffington Post:
I thought I could impress everyone with how evolved I was, how excellent of a grasp I had on racism. “I’m writing a book on education inequality! And race is a huge part of it! Yay, me!” Well, I didn’t have an excellent grasp on it. As the facilitators told me I would, I walked away feeling really uncomfortable and aware of my privilege as a white woman. Because now I could see the ways that I was participating in a system designed to be invisible, with the purpose of keeping people of color down. All I had to do was stand aside and not look at it. And I had done that very well.

It’s hurting me because I don’t even realize how it’s hurting me. I walk through my life in blind privilege. It’s hurting me because I don’t feel loss at being segregated from people of color in schools, in neighborhoods, in my city. It’s hurting me because I don’t know how to talk to my kids about racism, and that makes me afraid for their future. It’s hurting me because I’m participating in a system predicated on white dominance without even fully understanding how I’m doing it. It’s something I’m still trying to learn.
Well now, she’s writing a book on inequality so of course she couldn’t be a racist. Unfortunately she’s clueless. She has zero understanding of why many blacks are segregated into the inner cities.
It’s her own party’s policies that have kept the black community down. Government intervention that intentionally hurt the black community and ripped apart families thanks to Johnson’s welfare policies.
Affirmative Action was put into place to help blacks and women; it seems to have worked out for women but why not the black community? Why? Because many are dependent upon the government since the Democrat Party made it that way.
The progressive government programs this woman probably loves so much make it difficult to get out of the government dependence cycle because it’s an all-or-nothing government program. God forbid you make a little above the requirements, you lose the majority of help you get.
Progressives have made the ‘safety net’ a hand out rather than a hand up.

She goes on further:
I don’t see what alternative there is to shoving it in people’s faces when everyone is turning away. It’s an issue of survival. There isn’t any time. Black people are dying. From infancy, they face higher mortality rates. Black men are incarcerated at about six times the rate of whites. Our public schools have been resegregated, with whites attending schools that have better resources, more experienced teachers, while black children are denied access to these resources. These numbers represent people. They are part of families, and the loss of their lives is keenly felt by those who love them.
Of course education is unequal in the inner cities; it’s her own party’s bedding of the unions that keep bad teachers in places who continue to fail students, especially in the inner cities.
No one is stopping blacks from getting a better education except her own party because they are against school choice. Obama himself was against the school voucher program in Washington D.C. that enabled poor children in the community to attend schools like his privileged daughters.
Notice she doesn’t talk about the high percentage of abortions in the black community. Come on sister, if you’re going to face up to your own party’s demons you have to actually be HONEST with yourself.
No one is stopping the black community from ‘progressing’ into a better life, school or neighborhood other than white progressives like this woman. But she’ll never admit it.
She probably supports increasing the minimum wage but doesn’t grasp  the historical evidence that it hurts young black males the most and keeps them unemployed.
It’s not her ‘privilege’ that is blind; it’s her blind allegiance to progressivism and that’s what makes her a racist.

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