August 27, 2015

Right-Wing Response To Virginia Shooting Has Been Predictably Racist (7 IMAGES)

As we all know by now, a young journalist and a young videographer tragically lost their lives in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the hands of a deranged gunman with some kind of vague grudge against the station they worked for. Vester Lee Flanagan II was a former employee of WBDJ, the station where the victims of his attack, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were attacked. Now, to many Americans, this shooting and the tragic loss of life is just another in a long line that is a result of our insane gun laws and our worship of guns and violence.
Not to the right-wing, though.
You see, the now-deceased gunman wasn’t straight and white, like most of the perpetrators of such violence seem to be. No, he was a black gay man. So of course the racists on the right came out in force. Right-wing rag Breitbart called it a “Race Murder” in a provocative headline as soon as the shooter’s identity (and race) was learned:
 Commenters on Breitbart’s slightly less sordid cousin, Fox Nation, were ready to bring out the racism full blast.

One commenter immediately linked the incident to President Obama:
 Another assumed the lunatic was a liberal, even though nothing political was mentioned in relation to the shooting, only rants about how he had been treated in the workplace:
 Yet others went straight-up racist; painting black people as looters, comparing us unfavorably to other races, and ridiculing our families, as if that has anything to do with what happened here:
A particularly disgusting reader took the opportunity to literally say that black lives don’t matter:
 And here we have a wannabe sociologist saying how the “black experiment” is a failure:
 Perhaps the worst of all was the commenter who blamed the entire black race for one deranged shooter:
This is just a sampling of the comments; they are literally still flowing in by the minute. In comparison, there was not so much as a peep when an actual racist shot up a church full of black people in Charleston, South Carolina, earlier this summer, from this same group of racists. Then again, if they treated crimes against both races equally, they wouldn’t be racists. And, even in 2015, that is just too much to ask from the American Right.

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