August 30, 2015

What This Mom Does In Pictures On Facebook With Her Baby is SICK (4 Pics)

 Babies are probably the most innocent, beautiful and sweet part of the human race. They are also the most impressionable. What this ‘mom’ is doing in photos that she is posting on social media is just sick and wrong.
Don’t worry though, she is FULL of excuses on why she is ‘justified’ in doing this to her baby.
Rebecca Schuman is an education columnist for Slate Magazine. Apparently, she needs to educate herself before she starts taking pictures like this with her baby daughter:


Her piece, Baby Bird, ‘explains’ why it is OK for her to do this to her little girl. Uhm, OK.
“The reasons I take and post these pictures are varied. I crave emotional release after hours of increasingly desperate nursing, jiggling, rocking, walking, and, my personal favorite, walk-nursing (all wriggling, self-torpedoing 22 pounds of her).
I’m also trying to amuse my husband, to diffuse what could otherwise be even more strain on two adults pushed to the boundaries of civility. And, of course, there’s the defiant gesture of Parenting Realness…”
You know, you don’t have to flip off your child to get ’emotional release’. There are plenty of OTHER things you can do. If you and your husband need to be amused by such immature things as flipping off an infant, perhaps you were not ready to have a child.
She added:
“…my daughter is a grade-A pain in my a** about going to sleep.”
SHE IS A BABY! Part of having them is teaching them how to eat, sleep, play and grow. You do realize you have to potty train this kiddo, right?

Of course, none of this stops her from calling her daughter an a**hole publicly:
Lady, all I can say is I have kids. They were babies once. This life doesn’t get any easier. This ‘a**hole’ baby of yours, which you clearly seem to detest, will be in primary and middle school. She will be a teenager. She will be difficult. She will do stupid things. You cannot pose in a jail cell after your teenager steals a pack of smokes and flip them off. That isn’t funny. It isn’t funny now, either. It’s classless and distasteful.
Why don’t you grow up a little and be a parent?
Written by Katie McGuire. 

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