August 25, 2015

Woman Who Posted #BlackLivesMatter Rant Tells Critics: ‘Bite Me’

Peggy Hubbard is the woman that posted the viral video on FaceBook ranting about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  She appeared on CNN with Don Lemon to tell why she thinks the movement has the wrong priorities.
Hubbard told CNN her main frustration is over a nine-year-old black girl (Jamyla Bolden) that was killed in a drive-by shooting.  Hubbard says instead of protesting that, the Black Lives Matter movement rioted because someone was killed after pointing a gun at police officers.

She’s frustrated with the lack of care and concern that this movement shows for the real victims in the black community.  Hubbard also says that police officers across the country are worried either about being killed or being “the next Darren Wilson” because of the strong anti-police sentiment.
More and more I am seeing that most blacks do not agree with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Many blacks are angry and Peggy Hubbard is expressing what many if not most blacks actually feel.
When Don Lemon read some of the angry comments that she received because of her stance on #BlackLivesMatter Hubbard replied to those that called her “N-word” or “uncle-tom”, “Bite me.”
Watch the entire interview, via CNN:

This is the original viral video. Warning: Strong Language.

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