September 13, 2015

3 Simple Memes Kim Davis Should See That Are Lighting Up Social Media

here are three memes dancing about the internet that might just have Kim Davis's best interest at heart. Though only one her name on it, Kim Davis could learn from all three, and perhaps better understand what 'walking the walk' is really about.
The first meme is anonymous, and after it appeare on social media this week, it has folks all abuzz. It's no wonder. When we talk about heroes, we don't talk about the actions of Kim Davis. We talk about those who advocate for peace, freedom, and loving our neighbors. We talk about Malala Yousafzai and others who champion for the equal rights of all.
 Kim, if you still don't understand, perhaps THIS will help
 or THIS:
So please, Kim.
Stop using the name of Jesus to spew your hatred. That is blasphemy and that is not what Christianity is about. In fact, it's considered a sin.
With love,
Some Christians on the Left

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