September 02, 2015

Brutal Meme Illustrates Problem With Liberal Ideas

Real Clear Politics reports on the impossible goals that Bernie Sanders vaguely outlined during his interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

Bernie Sanders speaks with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about his plan to get rid of the budget sequester, raise taxes on billionaires and corporations, and make college tuition-free.
“We need to reform our disastrous trade policies so Corporate America invests in our country and not low income countries abroad,” Sanders said.

“These are very concrete ideas that talk to the needs of a disappearing middle class and massive wealth and income inequality. It’s not the kind of demagoguery that I think you’re hearing from Mr. Trump.”
Andrea Mitchell’s final question: “But what do you say to Democrats, Senator, who say that they agree with you on many of these issues, but that a self-described socialist, Democratic Socialist, cannot win in a general election?”
“I think people will understand that what I am talking about are some of the programs that exist in countries like Denmark,” Sanders said. “Where health care is a right for all people and they do it much more cost effectively than we do… Where college education is either free or very, very inexpensive. Where retirement benefits are strong.”
“I think the more we get those ideas out, I think more comfortable people will be with the ideas that we’re espousing.”
Liberals are only great at two things: being stuck in Fantasyland and making promises that are impossible to keep.

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