September 25, 2015

GENIUS Cartoon Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy on Trump vs Obama

 Controversy has been swirling around Donald Trump since a rally, with a question presented to him by a ‘supporter’ wearing a Trump t-shirt.
The now-infamous question was designed for maximum shock value. The question called out President Obama for being a Muslim. The man has since mysteriously vanished, leaving a growing trail of suspicions that he was a plant designed to embarrass the Republican front-runner.
“Anyone have any idea the identity of the guy who asked Trump that question at that NH town hall? Some folks think he was a Dem plant,” tweeted CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday.

Brietbart says we know now that the left-wing media and activists were aware of this man more than two years before last week’s Trump rally, where he stated that President Obama was a Muslim and sparked mainstream-media controversy.
Trump was criticized for not repudiating the man for his comments.
Anti-Trump blogger Nolan Dolla even featured the photo in a recent blog post about the Trump controversy.
They claim that it could be this guy:
I mean…maybe? I guess they could look a bit similar.
Who knows. I just want to know who this guy is, and have him explain exactly what he was doing at the rally. He sure seems like a plant. His terrible staged sounding question was poor acting at it’s finest.
When the man spoke last Thursday, his name came out garbled, but his home town of White Plains was clearly heard. However, the only White Plains in the United States is located in New York State not far from New York City, more than 250 miles away from the rally.

Check out the video below:

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