September 01, 2015

Hilarious: Check Out What This Former Hillary Supporter Did To His Pro-Hillary Bumper Stick!

A former Hillary Clinton supporter from Arlington, Virginia, just withdrew his support for the sleazy candidate, and he did so in the best way possible — by covering up the words “For” and “Hillary” on his vehicle’s pro-Hillary bumper sticker with black tape, reported the Washington Free Beacon.
Instead of reading “I’m Ready For Hillary,” the bumper stick now reads “I’m Ready.”

This shocking move by a former supporter should come as no surprise, given how voters feel about her. Like we reported yesterday, most Americans view Hillary Clinton as a “dishonest,” “untrustworthy” and “phony” “liar.”
They probably view her as these things because she has a tendency to lie through her teeth about practically everything, though like National Review contributor Jonah Goldberg pointed out in early July, she’s better at “telling others how to lie on her behalf” than she is at actually lying herself.
Funny, because her husband seemed to have the same problem.
I guess it’s like they say … like husband, like wife!

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