September 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Ben Carson’s ‘Muslim President’ Nonsense In One Single Tweet (IMAGE)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson recently caused an by stating that he didn’t think a Muslim-American should be president of the United States.
The comment generated chaos from Carson’s campaign and his fellow Republican presidential candidates, but the greatest, most memorable response came from none other than Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Monday morning via Twitter:
Boom. How can anyone compete with that?
Unlike many of the Carson apologists who have tried to defend him with comments about his “freedom of speech” (Donald Trump) and equally unpopular opinions, Clinton went straight for the Constitution, which clearly states that religion cannot and should not prevent anyone from getting into the White House. Clinton’s point is so perfect, even conservative rivals such as Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham couldn’t disagree. In an interview with Fox, Huckabee echoed Clinton’s sentiment:
“There’s no religious test for a person to hold public office in America. I think it would depend on the individual. I don’t think we ought to just disqualify from somebody because of his or her faith.”
Cruz also made clear that he didn’t support Carson’s comments. On Iowa public television, Cruz said: “You know, the Constitution specifies there shall be no religious test for public office and I am a constitutionalist.”
“America is an idea, not owned by a particular religion. He (Carson) is a good doctor but clearly not prepared to lead a great nation.”
Despite the backlash and criticism, Carson has continued to stand by his anti-Muslim comments. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy organization, even requested that Carson pull out of the race for president. The organization’s executive director, Nihad Awad, said:
“Mr. Carson clearly does not understand or care about the Constitution, which states that ‘no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office.’ We call on our nation’s political leaders — across the political spectrum — to repudiate these unconstitutional and un-American statements.”
Luckily, it seems that many of them already have. As far as Carson goes, it looks like only his own team and colleagues (aka Fox News) are willing to defend such bigotry.

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