September 15, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy on Obeying the Law PERFECTLY Exposed

Ohio points out the double standard between sanctuary cities and gay marriage:
Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell refused to perform a gay marriage ceremony this week and the reactions to his decision raise questions of a double standard when it comes to obeying federal laws.
Saying gay marriage conflicted with his personal and religious beliefs, he declined to officiate during his rotation as the duty judge. The duty judge is responsible for handling miscellaneous functions, such as marriages, and walk-in defendants whose cases are not already assigned to a judge.
Another judge performed the ceremony.
In a brief statement, McConnell apologized for the 45-minute delay the couple experienced and said he was seeking an advisory opinion which he will honor.

Thursday, judges in the court decided the presiding judge, or acting presiding judge, would perform all marriages.
McConnell’s refusal to perform a same-sex marriage earned him scorn from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, which blasted the judge for refusing to comply with the recent Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.
But some observers say the ACLU is applying a double-standard, since the organization has called for local officials to ignore other federal laws, like those regarding immigration.
McConnell, a Democrat who is also a senior elder at his church, said he was exercising his religious freedom. That wasn’t appropriate, according to the ACLU of Ohio which asked the Ohio Supreme Court to instruct judges in all 88 Ohio counties to “comply with their constitutionally required responsibilities.”
“Public servants like Judge McConnell have an obligation to families who wish to marry in their courtrooms, regardless of gender or sexual orientation,” said Mike Brickner, ACLU of Ohio senior policy director, in a press release. “While we respect that judges have deeply held personal and religious beliefs, they should not interfere with the oath they took to uphold our Constitution.”
Steve Silvi, founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, a non-partisan civil rights educational organization, thinks the ACLU is being contradictory by calling for a judge to abide by the Supreme Court ruling while simultaneously telling local officials to become a sanctuary city and ignore immigration laws.
“They pick and choose not what’s constitutional, but what conforms to their own agenda,” he said. “The ACLU is being very inconsistent and disingenuous. To me, it’s fairly clear. The ACLU has done some good in the past, but I think they’ve gone off track recently.”

A sanctuary city is a place where illegal immigration is protected, usually by prohibiting the use of local funds to enforce federal immigration laws. In most sanctuary cities, police do not check for immigrant status when they come into contact with an individual, so federal requests of local law enforcement to hold people who are in the country illegally are not honored.
Such is the case in a July 1 murder in San Francisco, a sanctuary city for 26 years. The accused killer, who was in the country illegally, is a “convicted felon from Mexico who had been deported five or more times,” the Daily Signal reports.
The ACLU is on the record opposing the arrest of individuals in the country illegally, especially when they show up at a court to handle such tasks as paying a traffic ticket or getting married.

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