September 23, 2015

Meet This Welfare Abuser Who Explains Why She Won’t Work

A shameless welfare abuser and mother of three dialed the Austin-based KLBJ talk radio station on an Obamaphone to ask, “Why should I work!?”
“I just want to say while workers out there are people like you that are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?” the caller, a welfare bum named Lucy, began.
She went on to proudly boast about how she gets to “sit home,” “visit [her] friends  all day” and even “smoke weed” off of our money.

“Our checks are coming in the mail every month and it’s gonna be on time, and we get subsidized housing,” she continued. “We even get presents delivered for our kids at Christmas. Why should I work?”
She added that she only pays $50 a month for rent but receives $425 in food stamps, $150 for her electric bill and $100 for her water bill.
Furthermore, Lucy revealed that her husband barely works because “[h]e doesn’t feel the need for it.”
When the radio show host asked her whether she felt guilty, she in turn asked, “[I]f somebody offered you a million dollars, no strings attached, would you walk away from it?”
The whole back-and-forth conversation can be heard below:

The actual call took place two years ago but we know that people like the caller exist and are out their today and feel the same way she does about working.
This brings one pivotal question to mind: Who is really to blame for the epidemic of welfare abuse in America — the welfare abusers themselves or the federal government for enabling their twisted behavior in the first place?
What do you think?

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