September 14, 2015

Meme Illustrates Politically Incorrect Truth About Syrian Refugees

Thousands of Muslims aren’t fleeing to Muslim countries; they’re going to Europe.
From Russ Hepler:
ISIS has created a crisis in the Middle East. Their violence and brutality have uprooted whole populations of people from their homes.
Those who haven’t been killed on conscripted into ISIS have fled the Middle East for Europe. Thousands have arrived in European countries so far with no signs of things slowing down.
But, are all these people refugees? Or, are there jihadists among them, heading for a terror campaign in Europe and the U.S.?

That is a question European governments, and soon the U.S. government, will have to grapple with.
For instance, Breitbart reports a problem the Italians are having with these new immigrants:
More than 40,000 migrants who arrived in Italy this year have refused to be identified. Italian police say many choose to remain unknown hoping to move on to other EU member states.
Of the 122,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy so far this year, figures released by the Servizio di Polizia Scientifica (SPS) show only about 81,000 have agreed to be identified. Italy’s ANSA news agency reports that those refusing to undergo identification processes are mainly Eritreans, Somalis and Syrians according to SPS director Daniela Stradiotto. She explained:
“It’s technically impossible to force them to undergo photo and fingerprint identification.”
Identification is an important issue because of EU rules governing asylum applications. The ‘Dublin Convention‘ requires asylum-seeking migrants to identify themselves before applications can be processed.
Although certain aspects of the rule were suspended for Syrians in both Germany and the Czech Republic recently, the Convention demands applications are made in the first EU country migrants reach and that they remain in that country while being processed. As the migrant crisis grows that processing may take over a year to complete.

Rather than keeping to the rules, the Italian figures appear to show that migrants are instead electing to remain unidentified, hoping to move on to other EU member states where they perceive their future will be better.
Something doesn’t smell right here. Why would so many people, fleeing for their lives to a safe haven, be uncooperative with their hosts if they hope to live there?
Some may say it is a cultural thing – Islamic mistrust of strangers.
But, in reality, it could be something far worse. Among these refugees could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of jihadist fighters and ISIS terrorists blending in with European society until they are ready to strike.

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