September 05, 2015

MEME: Once You Call For Killing Cops You’re Not a Protester, You’re a…

 Breitbart reports on graffiti threatening violence against police appearing in Texas after a cop was murdered in cold blood:
Following the execution of a sheriff’s deputy in Harris County, graffiti images calling for violence against police have appeared on property around Houston, Texas. The emojis show a police officer with a gun pointed to his head. These taggings follow the murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth who was shot in the head execution-style Friday night as he was putting gas in his patrol car. The suspect who shot the uniformed deputy unloaded 15 rounds into his head and body.
The conservative news site added:
Click2 Houston reported that a pair of emojis calling for violence against police were found underneath the Yale Street rail bridge in the Washington Heights area, and at a Panda Express restaurant not far from the Yale Street location. These offensive images appeared just days after the deputy’s murder.
ABC13 reported that there are at least four spots in the trendy Washington Avenue area, just west of downtown Houston, that have been defaced by this anti-cop graffiti.
The president of the Houston Police Officer Union (HPOU), Ray Hunt, told Breitbart Texas, “We are extremely concerned about this. This is disgusting and heartless. Deputy Goforth’s funeral is still being planned. I would hate for his children to see this. I am shocked at how heartless people can be.”
Vice President of the Harris County Deputies Organization (HCDO) Eric Batton told Breitbart Texas, “It’s a senseless attack against the social structure of American society, and demonstrates the collective lack of intelligence associated with the people who have this train of thought.”

Robert Goerlitz, the president of the Harris County deputies union said when he was interviewed by Click2 Houston, “We’ve always felt in some way that we’ve always been a target.” He continued, “But now it’s bringing it a little more realistic here at home.”
The president of the organization, a deputy himself said, “We’re just watching each other’s back a little bit closer, taking care of our brothers and sisters out there, being there for one another whenever we need to be. Don’t let someone walk into something that they don’t need to walk into.”
Our boys in blue shouldn’t be going through this. These hoodlums are terrorists and deserve to be treated as such.
Stay strong, officers. We stand with you.

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