September 19, 2015

New Cartoon Reveals EXACTLY What Iran Means By Coexist

 The Iran Deal could not be a bigger mistake that the U.S. is making, as it only hurts us and our true ally Israel as Keith Farrell reports.
Israel will not survive another 25 years according to Iran’s Supreme Leader, as he promised jihadists will not allow peace for the “Zionists.”
The remarks come as part of a series of inflammatory Twitter posts made to the Ayatollah Khamenei’s official Twitter account. The Ayatollah has repeatedly used the platform provided by Twitter to threaten and denigrate Israel and the ‘Great Satan’, America.
The most troubling remarks accompany a photo of the Ayatollah walking on an image of an Israeli flag.

“After negotiations, in Zionist regime they said they had no more concern about Iran for next 25 years; I’d say: Firstly, you will not see next 25 years; God willing, there will be nothing as Zionist regime by next 25 years. Secondly, until then, struggling, heroic and jihadi morale will leave no moment of serenity for Zionists,” Khamenei wrote.
 The quote was lifted from a speech the Iranian leader had given earlier in the day. Khamenei then blasted the US, ruling out any future diplomacy between the two nations. He reasserted the “US is the Great Satan” and that further negotiations with the US was impossible.

While many hold out hope that the nuclear deal will lead to an opening of relations between Iran and the West, the Supreme Leader has remained strident that such relations will never include the US.

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