September 22, 2015

Provocative Sign At Texas Gun Store Goes Viral

A Texas gun store sign went viral for its provocative statement on gun control recently.
The sign is located at Alamo Tactical in San Antonio, Texas. 
While the middle of the sign warns customers in red and white not to unholster a loaded weapon in the store, the rest of the sign is more aggressive.
“There are only 3 reasons to unholster your loaded firearm,” the sign read. “You are robbing us, you are shooting the person robbing us, you are an incompetent moron.”
The sign then goes on to describe the consequences of unholstering a gun in the store.
“If you do, the following will apply to each of the above. You will be shot, you will be thanked, you will be treated like a moron and asked to leave.”
The sign was met with approval from many social media users. 

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