September 21, 2015

Rand Paul Bumps Into Hillary Clinton At CBS, ‘Awkward’ Photo Ensues (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul were both scheduled to appear on CBS Face The Nation on Sunday. Somehow they got tricked into taking a photo together, just before Rand Paul went on the air to bash her right after she was leaving the stage.
While Hillary was all smiles, Rand Paul looked less than thrilled.

Now, just because Hillary was smiling that doesn’t mean she was happy to be there. During her interview, she coined a new tagline phrase that’s sure to follow her all throughout the presidential race. She’s trying really hard to convey with voters everywhere: “I am a real person.”
Even though Hillary is still leading in the polls, her biggest problem has been trying to overcome the perception that she’s not authentic enough. This has given Bernie Sanders a huge boost as of late and has made a possible late candidacy from Joe Biden a real possibility, with him possibly entering the race any day now.
In her first appearance in more than four years on the show, she discussed a variety of issues, including the refugee crisis, Benghazi, and her thoughts on Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
Rand Paul wasted no time attacking Hillary Clinton, making the photo op between the two even more awkward.
“You know, I thought one of the most interesting parts of the discussion was about the refugee crisis. And I think, frankly, that Hillary Clinton bears some of the responsibility for the crisis. Thomas Freedman wrote an op-ed about a week ago, a couple weeks ago, saying that basically Iran and Saudi Arabia had been arsonists, throwing gasoline on the — on the flames there. But in a way, so is Hillary Clinton’s policy of putting arms into that situation.”
It was the perfect launching point for Rand Paul, and quite possibly a poor hack job attempt by CBS to discredit Hillary as soon as she left the stage.
From this point forward Hillary is making it a priority to make herself more available to voters in an attempt to not only get voters more enthusiastic about her candidacy but also to trust her. In a poll among Iowa Democrats, 91 percent trusted Joe Biden, 86 percent trusted Bernie Sanders while only 64 percent trusted Hillary Clinton.
That’s something that will need to change if Hillary has any shot at keeping her place as a Democratic front-runner. She knows this. That is why, for now at least, she will continue to wear a smile on her face, even while people relentlessly try to attack her and her credibility.
Watch Hillary Clinton on Face the Nation:

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